Latest WoDs – working on my snatch

So this is a snatch. The spotted onesie is optional.

But for those who have ever overheard a conversation on public transport, we know snatch can also be used in a vulgar way to refer to a delicate part of the female anatomy. Which brought about a funny situation with a colleague the other day. He asked me what our skill of the week was at Crossfit. I said I was working on my snatch.

He started, blushed and then stammered “What…like…pelvic floor exercises?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Once we cleared up that misunderstanding, he couldn’t either. Anyway.

This week I had both the best and the worst workouts I’ve ever done.

Friday’s WoD was called Air Force. And it looked like this.

“Air Force”
20 Thruster, 45/30 kg
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 45/30 kg
20 Push Jerks, 45/30 kg
20 Overhead Squats, 45/30 kg
20 Front Squat, 45/30 kg
4 Burpees at the beginning of every minute.

The burpees are the thing that kills you. You feel like you just finished a set and then you have to start on another one. Constantly getting down and getting back up again is extremely tiring. I am not ashamed to admit that I was using the 10kg bar for this.

I am ashamed to admit that I cheated towards the end. I was doing more like 12 or 15 reps of the last 3 exercises. And I felt like my heart was bursting out of my chest.

However! I redeemed myself on Sunday. Not only have I got the hang of the snatch – albeit still with a 10kg weight – but I was third to finish this workout, without missing a single skip or rep. Granted, I was using the lighter weight, and I scaled ring rows for pull-ups because I am not even close to getting my chin anywhere near the bar. But I can skip like the wind, and I don’t get tired doing it so whatever I lost on the reps I made back up in the skips.

200 Single unders
21 Overhead squats
21 Pull-ups
200 Single unders
15 Overhead squats
15 Pull-ups
200 Single unders
9 Overhead squats
9 Pull-ups

11 mins 13 seconds. Not amazing but great for me. And especially considering it was the first time ever I have done an overhead squat with the bar. I don’t go that deep, but I do it.

Thanks for watching.


The Bag Lady Solution

Photo Credit: ryanmcginnisphoto via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ryanmcginnisphoto via Compfight cc

With no disrespect to this lady or to homelessness intended, this is what I look like on the days I go to crossfit. I am carrying:

  • My gym bag – a large, over-the-shoulder, traditional sports bag
  • My handbag – this is also fairly large as it needs to accommodate the usual lady accoutrements in addition to hat, gloves and umbrella now that winter has struck our fair city
  • My cooler bag – our office canteen doesn’t cater to coeliacs and they definitely don’t have paleo options (think dumplings, schnitzels and kaiserschmarrn), so I bring a Lunchbot full of leftovers each day and usually some nuts or berries or other fruit

It’s hard to get on and off peak hour trains with this load. I’m constantly getting stuck between people or caught in a tangle of my own straps. Not to mention it’s damn hot on the trains too. God help me if I try to shuck the bags and wriggle out of my heavy coat. I usually end up groping someone or copping a sharp shove to the back. And if I ride my bike to the station, it acts like a stubborn pack mule and tries to shake me off at every turn.

My question is – has anyone else found a good solution to this? Anyone else suffering from bag lady syndrome and managed to find one way to carry all these things? I was thinking of a rucksack/backpack, but the only ones I’ve found lack an insulated pocket for the food I need to bring.

Can anyone, anywhere offer some advice?